TN Hardwood Hickory and Firewood

Tennessee hickory and hardwoods availabe for your smokers, pizza ovens and firepits for both commerecial or residential needs and are availabe at Arbor Art for pickup or delivery.

Delivery Prices are based on a 10 and 20 mile radius of our downtown location in Nashville, TN

Rick of Tennessee Hardwood

(Also called a "face cord" or "half cord")
4' high x 8' long in one row

Hardwood Local Pickup $120.00 USD
Hardwood Delivery 10 Miles $150.00 USD
Hardwood Delivery 20 Miles $180.00 USD

Rick of Tennessee Hickory Wood

Home or Restaurant Premium
Smoking & Cooking Wood

Hickory Local Pickup $100.00 USD
Hickory Delivery 10 Miles $180.00 USD
Hickory Delivery 20 Miles $210.00 USD

Half Rick Tennessee Hardwood or Hickory

Local Pickup Only

1/2 Rick Hardwood $60.00 USD
1/2 Rick Hickory $80.00 USD

Quarter Rick Tennessee Hardwood

Local Pickup Only

1/4 Rick Hardwood $37.50 USD
1/4 Rick Hickory $50.00 USD

Wood Stacking - $15

We offer stacking your wood for proper drying

Other wise all wood is delivered in a pile in the driveway of your property.