Tree Care Service

Arbor Art provides specialty tree care to make your yard more attractive and enhance the value of your property. By hiring an arborist you get an expert opinion from someone with a passion for trees, and you don't have to personally take the risks associated with tree care.


General tree care ensures the health and vitality of your trees. Young trees need training with proper pruning techniques, to ensure they have a long life and that your home is safe. We prune to improve the shape of your tree, lessen wind resistance and prevent branches from rubbing against each other or your home. 

When your trees are in distress, call an arborist - because removal may not be your only option (see Case Study). We have had great success in restoring older trees to a state of good health by reducing weight, removing excess mulch and ensuring the tree is properly maintained. Arbor Art will conduct a tree inspection and then discuss options with you. We want our clients to understand why we do what we do.