Green Fuel, Clean Gear

We Make Our Own Fuel!

In November 2008 we began making our own fuel to run our trucks and equipment. So far, it has been a success! The initial investment was a bit costly but we felt if we were really going to do our part to help the environment, one way would be to cut down on the sulfate and hydrocarbon emissions we were releasing during tree removal operations. It’s bad enough to be removing dangerous live trees in decline either because of construction/development or poor health issues. This way we're cutting back on the hazards to our environment by using an alternative fuel.

Why Bio-Diesel?

Bio-diesel is biodegradable and renewable. It has the advantages of dramatically reduced sulfate and hydrocarbons and reduces particulate matter into the air we breathe. Unlike diesel fuel, which is carcinogenic (cancer-causing), it is non-toxic and does not damage water quality.

Our fuel source comes from used vegetable oil collected from local restaurants, so when you hire our services you can feel good about helping reduce pollution in our great city of Nashville. Oh, just one thing - you may get a bit hungry due to the pleasant smell of French fries!